2018 And Stupid Resolutions

Are you also tired of unrealistic New Year resolutions?


A Very Questionable Bicycle

No No! I am not talking about the ordinary bicycle. I am talking about the stationary bicycle sitting lavishly in my room unused, just like new. Some five to six years ago, we bought this new stationary bicycle in the hope that everybody in the house will exercise and make a sexy body. However, none... Continue Reading →

Let’s Clean

Oh! I entered my room on my birthday and BAMMM! Hello OCD, Welcome back. My room was highly decorated (with balloons and flowers) and I was thinking how will I clean it? After a shitty exam I was really happy to have these precious little humans in my life (Well, not exactly little) and on... Continue Reading →

Happy Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and here comes the mandatory blog for this very very special occasion! Just kidding. It was not my plan to write on women’s day, but I was somehow compelled to jam my fingers on the keyboard. Why do we only honor women on the women’s day? Why is it even... Continue Reading →

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