Bullet Journal – What is this thing?

  Well, first of all it is just a journal, but a very very different one. Once you get used to this little thing I am sure you’ll carry it everywhere. Yes, even to the loo. I got to know about bullet journal through an office colleague and her excitement level practically made me explore... Continue Reading →


Oh! The New Fallout- Banks

All my life, at least for the longest of time that I can possibly remember, my sweet-Mommy is after me to prepare for bank jobs. I remember being in just first year of college and mom nagging me to fill some clerical post bank form. I know it might be hard to believe but I... Continue Reading →

You are because She is

Feminism is a long judged topic of our era. I felt very guilty about being a feminist naturally because our society looks towards feminist as the ultimate men-haters. Well! FYI folks I am not really a Men-hater, instead my love for MenKind is eternal, for pretty obvious reasons. I personally don’t really care about the... Continue Reading →

New year is such a Cliché

I guess I am one of those people who doesn't really believe in New Years. It is just another horrible day, adding up to my list; mostly because of people constantly asking me about my plans. Okay! You guys I had no plans for New Year not because I am a loner but because I... Continue Reading →

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