The Tilted Chair

  There is nothing more important than your chair in the office. I realized this after joining my current job. People generally look out for career growth, their position and salary hike while joining some other firm. I will always look out for the furniture and in particular the chair they put in there. I... Continue Reading →


Let’s Write It Out

 “Writing is a struggle against silence” - Carlos Fuentes On my recent trip to Pushkar I brought a very nice notebook, and I am crazy about notebooks. I have a dozen of them. I think the sole reason of my liking towards notebooks is actually because of the fact that I love writing; not in... Continue Reading →

Office Office

“My Brain has too many tabs Open” -This quote hangs right above my computer screen. When I first read it on pinterest I was like SO DAMN TRUE!  It is like my mind never shuts up and I am a total control freak. Why this particular thing took my attention today? because a colleague of... Continue Reading →

Okay, 2016! Bye-Bye

Well, personally 2016 has been literally like “its New Year- I Sneezed- And Oh- it’s almost New Year Again” I just really don’t know when all these months-days-hours pass by. In the starting of the year I had so many things to accomplish and I am not even close. Like this very blog, it was... Continue Reading →

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