Workplace rut or just stuck in a rut?

We always hear about how people fall into a workplace rut, wherein you keep doing same tasks and the same type of work every day. As the routine sets in, work life becomes dull (read: unbearable) and you start seeing things in black and white. However, more often than not we are also stuck in... Continue Reading →


Can People Actually Change?

Honestly, I am confused. Sometimes when I see an old friend, I realize, people can change, and at other times, another person I know from the past reminds me it is all a myth. So what exactly is the conclusion? Can people actually change? Well, here’s what I think. People can change, but it does... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have a Choice

What I will never get about most people is that they think mental issue/illness is a choice. Well, to be true, it is not like that. You can’t just wake up one day and decide this is it. “I wish I had depression,” “I wish I was suicidal,” or I wish to have bipolar disorder.”... Continue Reading →

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